About US

About US

Great Accommodation Romania is an affiliate partner of www.yozi.ro and was created to help travelers around the world, discover the greatest accommodation in Romania.

Both great-accommodation-romania.com and yozi.ro are personal projects of Perusco Family – Laura, Claudiu, Mara and Ilinca.

www.great-accommodation-romania.com connects with the English version of Yozi.ro, translated via Google Translate. Some subtleties of the Romanian language may not be translated exactly, but the essential information about the rooms, location and all the stuff will not be affected, especially because this is a site that uses many eloquent images.

What foreign people but also Romanians, can find on our site:

  • Inspiration in choosing a hotel, resort or guest house; we only promote those ones which have a fine design and decorations, offer quality services, being located in beautiful places and regions and have received the appreciation of tourists, but also of our own.
  • In secondary, few shopping recommendations; we are looking for cool things to wear, useful things for our journeys or daily life; because we have to admit that a bit of “chopped” money makes our lives better; and if we find out about any sales or special offer, it makes life even wonderful.

We are Yozi.ro and Great Accommodation Romania and we want to inspire you making the best choices!

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